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Our focus is you and your business and our tools are:

  • Application development
  • Mobile solutions
  • Network solutions
  • Cloud services


Whether you are looking for a Mobile, Cloud, Web or Desktop application our customer-focused approach ensures we can build something that will benefit your business. Find out more here


Mobile is no longer a disruptive technology – it is the technology of today…and it is here to stay. K3K will help you bring mobile connectivity and mobile apps into the mainstream of your processes and offerings. Find out more here


We can help you make the most of LAN, WAN, Voice, Data, UC, Wireless, Energy efficiency (?), Storage, Security, Call Centres, VCE.Find out more here


To assist your efforts in improving the productivity of your enterprise, we provide scalable, secure and reliable cloud-based hosting infrastructure, development platforms and software for all your applications. Find out more here